Fix Nix Injector Errors

Common Nix Injector Errors and Their Solutions

Using third-party apps is always tricky, and there is always limited support for freebies. The same is for Nix Injector, sometimes there are issues/bugs that average gamers cannot fix. So, to solve your issues I have decided to write a complete guide on standard errors that you face during your gameplay. This will save you from the headaches of searching for errors while no solutions are currently available on the web.

Quick Summary

If you are tech savvy below table will help you solve your issues quickly.

IssueQuick Solution
Installation failed.Remove old versions/Enable Installation source.
Nix Injector won’t open/launch.Check for permissions.
Nix Injector crashing.Check for available space and clear data.
Unable to unlock ml skins.Clear data/Reinstall it.

Nix Injector Installation Failed

If installation is failed it is most likely due to two reasons here are those two reasons with their solutions.

Install from Unknow sources Disabled

To solve this issue Go to Settings —> Security —-> Unknown Sources and just enable it. The app should install smoothly

The previous version of Nix Injector is Installed

If you have any previous version installed the installation of the new version will fail. Make sure you uninstall the previous version completely before installing the latest version.

Nix Injector won’t open/launch

If you can’t even open it on your Android device it is due to denied permissions. Permissions are necessary to modify and store scripts to solve this issue.

Tap and hold on Nix Injector Icon now tap on app information and look for permissions make sure no permissions are denied.

Nix Injector Crashing

If it is crashing first make sure your device’s storage isn’t full. After that go to app info —> Storage then tap on clear data. It will reset it and fix crash issues.

Unable to unlock ML Skins

If you are unable to unlock ML skins it is either due to an outdated version or because of any bug. To solve this issue follow these 2 steps:

  • Check for Nix Injector APK update on our official website if there is any please update it.
  • If you have already the latest version please try clearing its data as mentioned above.
  • If an issue persists after clearing data you need to do a complete reinstall. To do this uninstall existing and reinstall it.

Final Words

These were common issues that users are facing while using this tool. The solutions are here as I promised. I strive to always provide you latest and working files. But anyways if you have any other issues please don’t hesitate to share them with me via comment or contact for. I will replicate them and will come up with a solution.

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